Cobblestone Cooking Music XXVII – Uh oh, Beef Wellington

This is dappling right into the classic repertoire, so it is with a bit of trepidation that I start this one. Inspiration comes from Gordon Ramsey’s video (without the Christmas variations) and recipe via one of the chefs at work.


The result. Yummy!

2016-06-25 11.08.43_800x600At 11am on a sunshiny Saturday – first step: get some stock going as I am planning a redwine sauce towards the end of this. A meaty ox bone along with leek, carrot, black pepper and a bouquet garni. Water – and gently boil away for quite some time.

At some point, it’ll be filtered a bit and then reduced and adjusted with salt and stuff.

  • Kelly Clarkson, Behind These Hazel Eyes
  • One Two, Midt i en drøm

2016-06-24 20.19.14_800x600

But it actually isn’t true that this is where it started. That was yesterday evening when I took the beef fillet out of the fridge (where it had been thawing quietly), trimmed it and wrapped it tightly in cling film. The idea with that exercise is to force it into a cylindrical form as much as possible.

(the stuff next to it is the trimmings that’ll go into the sauce prep at a later stage)

  • Go Home Prod., Rock In Black (Mashup)
  • TV-2, Popmusikerens vise

2016-06-25 14.21.43_800x600 2016-06-25 14.31.22_800x600Next, a duxelle. Which, it turns out, is nothing near a four-legged graciously running and jumping animal on the savannas of Africa – but a mushroom concoction. Rinse a bunch of mushrooms – I used regular ones as well as a mix of chantarelle and one or two others (I’m largely an idiot at naming these things). Throw them in the blender along with garlic and fresh thyme (without stems), some salt and pepper. Blend.

Throw the paste on a warm dry pan and cook it for some 10-12 minutes on relatively high heat – the objective is to get rid of all the water, just about. And there is a lot of it! So bubble away, stir it frequently to avoid anything burning (it shouldn’t while it boils, but still). And you end up with a paste that you set aside to cool.

  • CV Jørgensen (w/Sanne Salomonsen), Lidt til og meget mere
  • Stray Cats, Rock This Town

Ok, back to sauce. Sear the trimmings from the meat – I added a wee bit of minced veal as I didn’t have so much. Add cubed onion, thyme, bay leaf and pepper corn. Brown well, then add and reduce a splash of suitable vinegar (Ramsey uses red wine vinegar, not having that I used a mix of apple and balsamic vinegars). Pour in red wine, let simmer until almost gone. Add the stock from above, simmer for an hour or so until the volume seems right. Filter and set aside.

  • Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven
  • TV-2, Sån’t er livet

2016-06-25 16.41.25_800x600Now for the first stage of rolling the Wellington. Put slices of parma ham on cling film so that it forms a rectangle that seems suitable for the circumference of the fillet. Spread the duxelle on top, evenly, and then put the fillet in the middle.

Tightly roll it up, seal with the cling film also in the ends, set in the fridge for half an hour to – hopefully – set.

  • Pat Benetar, Shadows Of The Night
  • Ramones, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

It sat pretty well. Again, on cling film, put a “sheet” of puff pastry out on the table and paint the edges with egg wash (egg yolk, whisked with a bit of water and a pinch of salt) and put the “sausage” on top. Gently but firmly roll it up, sealing the edges well with the eggwash. Again, roll tightly into the cling film and leave in the cold to set for another half hour.

  • Suede, Beautiful Ones
  • Al Jarreau, Boogie Down
  • DJ Ötzi, Anton aus Tirol

Sides? I chose classic mashed potatoes – should go fine with the sauce. And to add some freshness, a salad of tomato, finely cubed red onion, thinly sliced garlic, and watermelon with a simple oil & condimento bianco dressing with just a touch of thyme to tie it in with the rest.

  • Gossip, Perfect World
  • Cher, The Shoop Shoop Song

Finally, bake The Thing – after having brushed it with the eggwash and sprinkled with salt. I’d planned a Brunello along with it – but we had quite an amount of red wine leftovers from an event yesterday, so red wine leftovers, it was.

Happy cooking!

Photos by me.
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