Monday Motorway Music™, May 23 – Mondays You Also Need Food. And Music.

2016-05-23 18.42.48

Just before the egg stuff goes in and the lid comes on…

In a bit of a space saving / efficiency exercise / bout of laziness, here’s a two-in-one: Monday Music and Monday Food… 🙂

The food bit was a spinach / feta pie. Vegetarian – not out of any principle, just because we like this one. In many households, it’d likely only qualify as a lunch dish or starter – but as we’re rather light eaters, it does us fine for dinner.

This works fine with frozen, albeit whole-leaf spinach – just have it thawn and squeeze as much water out of it as you can. Chop up an onion and let it simmer over medium heat for a couple of minutes. Add the spinach, season with salt, pepper & nutmeg. When that has simmered for a couple minutes more, throw in the feta.

Now, as to feta – I don’t live in Greece but I do live in a country that has a big dairy company that has a very big production of this “white brine cheese in small cubes” that they cannot call feta since the Greek owns that name (and, probably, rightly so). So I used “salad cubes”. And yes, it’ll by all the signs probably be even lovelier with a real feta. But maybe not too strong a goat cheese taste – I reckon.

Butter up a suitable oven-proof dish. Roll out a couple of plates of puff pastry (yes, I know it’s theoretically possible to make your own … In Narnia 😉 ) and cover the bottom and sides. Drop in the spinach / feta mix-

Mix eggs and milk (whole milk – maybe not quite, but certainly more that skim), give that a bit of the pepper and salt, too. Pour over the spinach and then cover with more puff pastry and fold the edges in to close it up. Make a few holes with a fork or a sharp knife to let steam out and bake for a good half hour. Yummy!

Some of this is from the drive to work this morning – some is from the kitchen while cooking dinner. Enjoy – or so I hope.

Real Wild Child – Iggy Pop
From Now On – Supertramp
We Will Rock You – Queen
Rock Me Baby – Jomfru Ane Band
Twisting By The Pool – Dire Straits
Joanna – Johnny Deluxe
That’s The Way (I Like It) – KC & The Sunshine Band
Teo Toriate (Let Us Cling Together) – Queen
Stayin’ Alive In The Wall – Bee Gees vs Pink Floyd Mashup
Only Over You – Fleetwood Mac
The Raven – Gregorian
Smooth Operator – Sade

Photo by me.
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