Wednesday Motorway Music™, May 18 – Much Ado About A Lot Of Things

2016-05-12 15.18.32

Again, one of these Danish spring weeks with bank holidays – Monday was Whitsun / Pentecost (I’ve never really figured out if there are any special reasons to use one term or the other) and so, no driving to work.

Not that I didn’t drive – we moved our youngest out of the house (all amicably, he wasn’t kicked out in any way!) and our oldest out of her apartment and the two of them into a shared apartment. But driving a large van and carrying boxes and half sofas up and down stairs and getting lovely pizza for an all too late lunch and all the rest of it wasn’t conducive to noticing what music played in the car – so Monday went by without a list.

Tuesday basically was wall-to-wall meetings, from the first online one even before leaving the house in the morning to a major 6-hour-or-so session for most of the rest of the day on the final planning of a big conference that I’m part of the organising committee of – and which rolls off the ramps in a little less than two weeks.

The result of all that: a fried brain. So, no list yesterday either.

But! A shiny and fresh Wednesday. With a photo above that doesn’t really relate to the post (or today, even – it’s a few days old) but simply is about spring happiness. And lo and behold, a list of music listened to today:

After The Love Has Gone – Earth. Wind & Fire
Weather With You – Crowded House
Brighter Days – Halberg Larsen
Honey – Velvet Volume
Dressed for Success – Roxette
Hey Good Lookin’ (Your Place or Mine?) – Backseat Boys
Dead Ringer for Love – Meat Loaf

Photo by me.
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