CFR Notes – on Frequent Flyer Status nomenclature and a bit on the FLR airport

2016-05-08 09.12.42

A couple of things for me to comment and/or speculate on from that picture of my boarding card from this morning’s flight from FLR to ZRH. I am talking about the “SK*P” coding right, oddly enough, where it says “luggage”.

  • 2016-05-08_20_00_00It would seem that Swiss and/or the full Star Alliance is jumping the the gun a little bit – judging by my online account status page, I am still –  adjusting for what the two flights of today will add – 525 out of 90,000 points from Diamond status. Yet, the status code right there has me boarding today as Diamond 🙂
  • Or as – what? Maybe SAS/Swiss/Star Alliance kept the abbreviations on the boarding cards from before Diamond when the level above Gold was Pandion – the mythical black card that SAS’ CEO handed out to the most (very most!) travelling customers. Which is odd because the Diamond membership cards certainly has the “EBD” prefix to the member number (the EB on the card is specific for EuroBonus and normally translates to “SK*” = Scandinavian, flight number prefix SK, plus a * for Star Alliance, when printed on other Star Alliance members’ boarding cards)


Skærmbillede 2016-05-08 kl. 20.35.14(As seen from this Star Alliance website screenshot, the Pandion status apparently still exists – one of the friends we travelled with positively has been EBP and for all I know could well still be. His boarding card also said “SK*P”.)


We’ll see how that starts panning out when I cross the Diamond threshold in the coming week – I need to qualify before the end of May but do have a flight to MUC and back in the coming week so that should surely settle it.

Update: From some frequent flyer discussion web-sites, it would seem that the “P” thing on the boarding card may come from a computer system that couldn’t determine status for the flyers. But hey – even if that is so, at least I got to feel Pandion-like for the day 🙂


Now, as to the airport in Firenze, the four of us got there in plenty of time this morning, went through the rigmarole of checking  our luggage in (small planes, quite a few purchases that made bags a wee bit bigger and heavier than is kosher/halal for carry-on etc etc – and yeah, I know, violation of my principles but hey) and going through security and stuff. Still, we ended up with an hour-ish – and the two seasoned travellers among us thought “lounge!”


We should have thought that earlier. The Masaccio lounge that hosts Swiss customers is in the departure terminal (funnily enough) – landside. Bummer (both for us, today, and for the airport in general – very badly thought out)!

The airport, airside,  is small, crowded, not very well equipped with anything.

So – a bit of “any type of flyer” tip: lots of time to spare in FLR? Don’t haste through security! 😉

Photo by me
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