CFR Notes – why online check-in is important 

…and why it sucks when it doesn’t work.

I’ll be flying Swiss from DXB to ZRH (late) tonight. And until an hour-ish ago, well after I had old-fashioned-like checked in at a counter at the airport, Swiss’ online check-in was dysfunctional.

So while the nice gentleman at the counter moved me from a middle seat (yikes!) to an aisle seat, he also gave me a seat with an entertainment box below the seat in front. And all that is left have the same problem.

This is what makes checking in online and early is important. So no praise to Swiss for the major, prolonged malfunction of their online systems. Not something they did voluntarily, I am sure. But the available seating still sucks.

IMG_9056A little bit over in the mocking end of things, Swiss actually issued boarding passes that advertised the online check-in. Better done when the service actually works, methinks…




PS: The same nice gentleman at the counter told me that I could only access the lounge 4 hours before departure. Which was 3(ish) hours after I arrived. Thankfully, Lufthansa lounge people didn’t even mention such a limitation. Thanks for that!

Seat plan from; photo by me
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