Cobblestone Cooking Music XXV – Turkey Breast Roulade

2016-04-08 17.56.19

Wheeee, photos! And even if this is actually from Friday, it’ll have to substitute for the Monday column as I haven’t been on any motorways today and won’t be for days.

  • Stan Getz et al, The Girl from Ipanema
  • Lounge Theme, Easy J

2016-04-08 17.51.23Ok, had a turkey breast in the fridge that needed doing and had a dear friend and a daughter for dinner (along with the usual suspects, aka the in-house family). Butterflied the meat and spread cream cheese over it and added finely chopped ramsons and parsley.

Then rolled it up – it is often a good idea if you can borrow an extra pair of hands for a minute for that – and tied it down to keep it in shape (see top picture). The needle you see in there is just because the ¤%#¤&&/%¤ turkey breast fought a bit against the butterflying and had to be held a bit more together than planned…

  • Hilary Duff, Rock This World
  • The Veronicas, All About Us

Into an oven pre-heated to 225°C, give it 10 minutes to sear and then turn down the heat to 175°C or so.

2016-04-08 18.02.25Sides#1. What we in Denmark call Hasselbach potatoes – peel relatively large (but not quite baked potato large) potatoes and cut them in slices – but only almost through.

  • Frontline, Can’t Be Seen
  • Fleetwood Mac, Book Of Love

Brush/drip them with butter, sprinkle with salt and paprika & a dusting of dried breadcrumb. Into the oven they go, too – a little before the meat, even. A wee hour at 175-200°C.


  • Mike Oldfield, Thrash
  • David Bowie, It Ain’t Easy

Side #2: Broccoli/bacon/onion salad. Finely dice red onion and cut/break broccoli into small, mouth-sized bits. Fry cubed bacon until crisp, and let it drip on some paper towel. Mix these things and stir with a dressing of mayonnaise, creme fraiche, salt, pepper and a bit of lemon juice. Actually should have had dried cranberries and roasted pine nuts as well – but the cranberries we were inexplicably out of and the pine nuts went against the allergies of our friend.

  • Eddy Grant, Electric Avenue
  • Bangles, Complicated Girl.

And that’s it. Could be served with a fuller white – we had a not-too-heavy Italian red with it and nobody was unhappy with that.

Happy cooking!

Photos by me.
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