Friday Air Corridor Music™, March 18 – A CFR, up-in-the-air Update


Business on the runway of HKG

OK, when served the opportunity to be online in the sky and post, who wouldn’t? Not me! (I mean, I wouldn’t!) So here it is, from seat 2A onboard SK964 from HKG to ARN 🙂

To tie this back to the flight review on the outbound trip, there are a few points I must address, more to add and subtract to and from that –

  • 034Yep, the new updated SAS Business cabin is a vast improvement on the old one
  • Given the choice between Air New Zealand’s and the new one from SAS? It’s pretty much a draw. The screen and, especially, the put-things-on / storage space in the new SAS Business seat are superior. On the other hand, the herring-bone configuration and, especially, the much larger and sliding table from Air NZ make their seat good – because it can be shared by a fellow traveller and, noticeably, because you can actually get out of your seat even if the table’s laden with food trays, computer and what have you.
  • Both airlines have very good service up front. Had a long chat with Maja, who was a significant part of taking good care of the A/D corridor on SK964 today. I concluded that while the service may not as such be better on SAS, the fact that you’re on home ground and are met with a familiar glimt in the eye when you step onboard as a Dane / Scandinavian does actually mean a lot.

So yeah, they get a one-up solely on that, the SAS crews!

Away From Me – Evanesence
Love Drunk – Little Mix
Nature Boy – Lisa Ekdahl
Slippery People – Talking Heads
If You Were Me – Chris Rea & Elton John
Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC
Candy – Lisa Stansfield
Can Anyone Explain – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Photos by me.
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