Monday Motorway Music™, February 29 – A Rare Day (But Not That One)


OK, so it’s leap year and today is the most visible sign of that – the 29th of February does not appear that often. About once every 1,461 days or so…

And yet, today is not the extra day of this year. The 24th was. And that all is due to some calendar corrections – or manipulations if you will – by the Romans. It all stems from the fact that the Earth is not well-behaved enough to circle the sun in exactly 365 days but takes about 1/4 of a day extra.

To compensate for that, an extra day is put in every four years, when the year is divisible by 4. And to compensate for that not being precise enough, years that are divisible by 4 but also by 100 – such as 1700, 1800 and 1900 – are not leap years. Unless, that is, they are also divisible by 400… Oh, those Romans 😉

Actually they slotted in an extra February 23 – so even if the 29th sticks out in the calendar like a sore thumb, it has a day a little less than a week earlier to thank for being pushed out there. Who’d have thunk… (Actually, we learned this in school, I vaguely remember)

And the photo has nothing whatsoever to do with all that – it’s a heap (not a leap!) of fresh fish that I caught with my lens on the beach on Zanzibar.

Don’t Speak – No Doubt
I Can’t Dance – Genesis
Rock Is My Life And This Is My Song – Bachman Turner Overdrive
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones
How Come You’re Not Here – Pink
Beethoven (I Love to Listen) – Eurythmics
Temptation – Diana Krall

Photo by me.
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