Tuesday Motorway Music™, February 23 – Back On The Chain Gang


And apparently so deep into doing the archaeological digging through my mailbox and talking to all my colleagues and what have you that I cleanly forgot that Monday postings, by their very nature, are best done on Mondays. Ooops 😉

In other news, I am happy to live in a country that has a tax-payer based, efficient health care system. Coming back from Tanzania, I ran a high fever a few days later. As we’d been in malaria (and Bob knows what other tropical disease) areas for most of the time, you do need to react to that. As it was a Sunday, my regular GP was not available but in Denmark we have a system to call – where a kind doctor told me that I had exactly one choice: coming in to get blood samples done.

Even on a Sunday, they managed to find a microbiologist at the hospital to do the stains and microscopy of the first set of samples – no signs of Plasmodium, luckily. But you’re not a free man, so to speak, until tests drawn on three consecutive days has shown negative – so I went back in Monday and Tuesday morning to have more samples done. In the end, no tropical disease. Yay!

And yay! also for the Danish hospital system – quite short waiting times for having the samples drawn both Monday and Tuesday, and I even got my personal “contact nurse” who I could call with any problems or questions and who dutifully called me both Tuesday and Wednesday to report the negative results from the day prior. And, especially to my USAian readers: All this without me ever having to pull money out of my pocket or seeing a bill. Yes, we pay higher taxes – but when the result is that good service health care is available to everybody, to me that’s a good deal.


The Africa trip will likely be the source of photos for a few more posts here – there are so many. We came home with approx. 1,100 photos that have now been culled to about half of that – all of which (or at least the RAW files from my camera) have been through the magic that is Adobe Lightroom.

The one above is no exception – sunset at Langi Langi, Zanzibar. And a bit of a contrast to this one that I shot, in an ad hoc kind of fashion in comparison, out of our dining room window last week…


Du Must Mein Zufall Sein – Frl. Menke
Datadisciplin – CV Jørgensen
Get A Job – Gossip
Six Blade Knife – Dire Straits
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Nubian Fräuleins
Strange Meadow Lark – Katrine Madsen

Photos by me.
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