Thursday Motorway Music™, January 21 – A Thought On Seeing What’s Around You

2016-01-21 09.03.41


OK, so I couldn’t help sneaking an extra one in…

I was sitting in traffic this morning – not too bad, but still quite a lot of cars with quite a lot of people inside them. And the few I caught a look of seemed to be all the same – just staring ahead, plodding along.

OK, I’ll give you that they might just have been doing what my driving instructor was telling me all those years ago: “keep you eyes on the bloody road!” (or words to that effect – he was a small and wiry and relatively colourful character). But what I was wondering was – don’t they see the mesmerising would around them?

This morning was cold – some news outlets have it as, countrywide, the coldest in three years. -11°C when I got in the car. But – it was beautiful!

2016-01-21 08.40.15

All these people. (I was tempted to say “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?” but that reference seemed a little too tacky). How many of them saw the gradient from yellow to still dusk-gray and blue out in the horizon? With the birches lovely silhouetted against the light?


2016-01-21 08.45.26How many of them  saw the smoke or steam or what it was coming billowing out of a chimney at the industrial site along the motorway, catching the light from the sun still hidden below the buildings, making it an odd gray-and-orange luminous weird mushroom? Or the silver streak of airplane contrails up in a sky otherwise blue and golden?

And, when I’d parked the car, how many of my colleagues would have walked to their respective buildings with their head down in the cold instead of looking up and seeing the top of the birch transformed by the sunlight?

I’m afraid that I’m the odd one out here. But happy that I am. Because Nature offers so much for us to take in and have a much better start to the day with. And, in the words of Metallica along the way, Nothing Else Matters.

Hotblooded – Roxette
A.D. 1928; Rockin’ the Paradise – Styx
Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

Photos by me.
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2 Responses to Thursday Motorway Music™, January 21 – A Thought On Seeing What’s Around You

  1. theclippedbutterfly says:

    Yea, it’s weird how we go through years without noticing the beauty around us.

    Maybe, one day it will be noticed and we will be like ‘Has it always been this beautiful?’

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