Cobblestone Cooking Music XXII – New Year’s Dessert (Yes, with Chocolate!)


What happened to this post? I did write it on the 31st – but ran out of time to post it. Saved it from the iPad or so I believed. But zip, nada, rien was to be found the next day… Oh well, this allows me to tell a bit about the outcome, too 🙂

Anyway, first things first: Here’s a Happy New Year to all of you!

Once again, we’d drawn dessert in the planning – and at some point I decided to throw myself at the art of making chocolate fondant or, if you will, molten chocolate cake. 12 of them, in fact – they’re portion sized cakes.

  • Roxette, The Look
  • Tom Jones, Burning Down the House


2015-12-31 14.48.21

Chocolate ready for melting

Chop approx. 335 g good, dark chocolate (I used 70%) reasonably fine – no need to go overboard but big chunks on the other hand melt very slowly. Drop it in a metal bowl over a water bath and melt it together with a good 200 g of butter. You don’t want it very warm, only just melted (but on the other hand, all melted).




  • Katrina & The Waves, Walking on Sunshine
  • B-52s, Meet The Flintstones


2015-12-31 14.56.42

Chocolate and butter melting


Next, take 9-10 eggs depending on size and mix well with 330 of sugar using the hand mixer. Mix in 180 g of flour (I sieved it first, makes it a little easier).

Carefully mix in the chocolate/butter mix and pour into pre-oiled forms.



  • Toto, Stop Loving You
  • Melissa Etheridge, Piece of my Heart

Oh yeah, the forms. I had a piece of trouble there. Of course recipes would suggest either cake rings – a sort of professional tool that I haven’t invested in, yet – or cup cake paper forms. And the ones I could find were certainly too small – the cakes here were going to be something like 6 cm in diameter and about the same in height.

So I decided to make my own – barbeque-duty aluminium foil to the rescue. Took a roughly quadratic piece, folded it twice to a qudrant once again, only now four times thicker and shaped it over the bottom of a, by (my!) eye-measure, suitable glass. You can see them in the back of the chopped-chocolate picture further up.

  • John Fogerty, Who’ll Stop the Rain
  • Queen, Another One Bites The Dust

Brushed them with oil and carefully poured the mix into them. A tip – which I didn’t find necessary but actually might have enjoyed – is to use a pastry bag, the type also used for decorating. Then you can “squeeze” the mix into the forms. Looks very elegant when the pros do it on TV…

Stored them cold until we were done with the main course – there was a geographical shift involved as the New Year’s party was at friends on the parallel street a few hundred meters away. The put them into a oven pre-heated to 180°C. And while the recipe called for 8-10 minutes, it took a full 17 or 18 minutes. Nerve-wrecking! One guess is that the folded alu foil with some air trapped in between layers may have slowed baking?

  • Thin Lizzy, The Boys Are Back in Town
  • Tina Turner, We Don’t Need Another Hero

The thing with chocolate fondant is to catch them when they’re done – except for in the center. So you take them out, arrange them on plates – we had pre-poured a nice swirl of blackberry coulis while the cakes were baking – and serve. And when you cut the cake open with your fork, the center that is still not done comes flowing out. Soooo nice!

But even if it went slow, it went well – and went down well with a lovely port on the side, a Burmeister Colheita 1996, bottled in 2010 (as I recall).

  • Swan Lee, I Don’t Mind

Once again, have a Happy New Year – and happy cooking out there!

Top photo courtesy of Kevin Stuke on Flickr.
Stove top photos by me.
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