Monday Motorway Music Nov 23 – Winter Truly Came

2015-11-22 08.49.57

– and it took part of our thuja…

What a contrast to last weekend’s sun and warm weather in the Baleares. Saturday we got a ton of snow – in a very literal sense as the 25-30 cm or more (5-6″) we got here was rather warm snow. That is, wet and heavy. Hence the poor tree’s fate. The biggest of the bent branches – there were a couple, tied together as they were by a clematis or whatever creeper-type of plant that thing is – is split at the very bottom, so it’s a write-off.

Here and now, due to the relative difficulty of working in a garden covered in 30 cm of snow, the branch’s been cut off right over the fence and the rest will have to wait for better conditions.

Today’s been lovely – frost, blue skies, crisp air. My favourite winter weather. And from tomorrow it’ll be back to warmer and wetter and the snow will disappear as soon as thaw and rain can make it. Oh well.

And the winter tires got put on the car – pronto!

Anton aus Tirol – Anton feat. DJ Ötzi
Shame – Evelyn “Champagne” King
Thorn In My Side – Eurythmics
Self Control – Laura Branigan
Fire – Pointer Sisters
Jeg ka’ gi’ hva’ du vil ha’ – One Two
Back To The 80’s – Aqua
Lækker – Nik & Jay

Photo by me.
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