Cobblestone Cooking Music XIX – (Very) Slow-cooked Shoulder of Lamb


Also called “cooking with a lot of garlic”! The final count talllies around 2 bulbs – and I’ve been conservative.

  • Saybia, I Surrender
  • Annie Lennox, Don’t Let It Bring You Down

This thing starts in the morning! The time stamp on that photo is 9:15 – and that was actually running a little late 😉

Take a shoulder of lamb and check if it will fit in your largest baking pan. This one didn’t -hence the small operation on it, seperating it at the topmost joint. The small knife on the cutting board was really good for that job (even if I always get the first cut made further down than I have to…).

  • Puff Daddy feat Faith Evans, I’ll Be Missing You
  • Jason Mraz, You Can Rely On Me

Score the lamb in a diamond pattern with your – sharp – knife. Liberally season with fresh ground pepper, add some salt as well. Drop in 1-2 garlic bulbs in in individual cloves as well as 2 onions in quarters. Add sliced lemon and a good amount of fresh rosemary. This brings it to what you see in the picture above.

Add 1/2 bottle of white wine and cover the whole pan with aluminium foil (at this time, it is rather less photogenic) so that it is as closed as possible. Confession time: even if it was well past my record earliest time in the day for wine tasting, I found it a wee bit too early to sample the wine. You may notice that the music list is also rather morning-ish and subdued.

  • Clannad, I Will Find You
  • Phlake, Pregnant

Put the whole thing in the oven and set at 110°C/230°F and let it ever so slowly cook there for 10 hours. Basically, prepare in the morning and enjoy for dinner. Could be a good idea to run the probe of a cooking thermometer into the oven – I did and our oven runs quite a bit too low around 100°C – so I had to adjust upwards to have the temperature curve undulating at the 100-110° level.

  • Tyler Ward feat. Katy McAllister, Moves Like Jagger (Acoustic)
  • Vinnie Who, Much Much More

If the lamb is cooking at a time when you’re at home during the day, let’s get sides started around lunchtime: first up is baked tomatoes.

Take what we’d call a cocktail tomato – sort of mid-sized, aromatic tomato – per person and arrange them in a small oven-proof dish on top of some alu-foil. Drip some oil over, honey, balsamico and throw a couple of cloves of garlic and a few twigs of thyme in there, Add salt and pepper, close the foil loosely and bake alongside with the lamb for 6 hours.

  • Diana Krall, I’m Pulling Through
  • Melody Gardot, My One and Only Thrill

As to the herbs, by the way, we still have them in the garden here in October. At some point, the winter will overcome them – at that point I plan to have thyme, rosemary and probably parsley in my little 3-pot rack from Trip-Trap in the window sill. Take my word for it – fresh herbs are just that much better.

Around an hour, hour and a half before dinner get started on the mash: peel and cube two large baking potatoes (or other potatoes in equivalent amount) as well as 3-4 carrots. Throw in a pot along with a peeled and cubed onion and 1-2 cloves of garlic, suitably cut up. Add a handful of parsley, cover with water and boil until everything is soft.

  • Katrine Madsen, Time After Time
  • Sade, Smooth Operator

Mash it up – together with butter, creme fraiche, crumbled feta, an egg yolk and salt and pepper. Whip the egg white really well and carefully fold it in. Put in a suitable oven-proof dish and bake for 30 min or so at 180°C/350°F.

We plan for the remaining half bottle of white wine- along with a whole sibling – along with it.

Happy cooking – and happy birthday to my dear wife whose b’day meal it is 🙂


IMG_8349When it came out of the oven, it looked like this. Nom nom. I could literally take it a apart with a wooden spatula! And, by the way, the ladies of the family did not subscribe to the white wine theory and demanded red! So we ended up with a new acquisition, a Spanish Alma Vieja 2012 – which did fit the bill nicely, indeed.

And, while you’re at it – take two of the cocktail tomatoes per person! They were seriously good, very rich and sweet and round in taste.

Photos by me.
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