“Monday” Motorway Music™, August 11 – Back in the Whirlwind



So, I started after my three-week vacation yesterday – and also, actually, started on this. Cross my heart.

But the work calendar was a little on the hectic side – in fact, I had a morning meeting and a most-of-the-day meeting that overlapped by half an hour and were located at two different sites, 35 km apart. You get the picture – we’re back at full speed ahead.

And in the evening, when I guess I could have sat down and finished this? Well, something as mundane as ironing shirts. And then I ended up in front of Adobe Bridge putting the nice touches on a lot of holiday photos and deleting even more. It’s always the shots you don’t take, y’know…

And so, here is a 6-bridge photo from Venice, marking our current record for most bridges in one view. And a few ship and sunset shots below from our cruise trip.

Hope you’re all having or have had wonderful vacations.


Photos by me.
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2 Responses to “Monday” Motorway Music™, August 11 – Back in the Whirlwind

  1. alindar says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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