By night.

The handshake when we left –
A pleasant goodbye.
But to me, a hopeful welcome lingered afterwards.

The people going quietly home –
Was I going with them, alongside with them
Or contemplating why we walked in opposite directions?

To some, the shadows hide things
and the darkness covers like a cloak
Whereas to others, shadows beckon
and there are promises down the alleys of dark.

Lights fade and senses awake.
Darkness seeps in and restless joy stirs.
Creatures of the night smile when they sense that I am there
and let me know that they know that I am like them.

One of theirs.

And I look behind me when I walk with the others.
And wonder if I am walking in the right direction.

– – – – –

Edited for line breaks. The one thing that I cannot get straight in WordPress on the iPad…

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