Did Feel Like Dancing


All I wanted was to dance

Not the oblivion kind of dance
Where you drown in the rhythm
And sing the songs
And forget all about the day and the days before that
And those following

Not the sweet hunting kind of dance
Where both dancers know what they’re after
In a voulez-vous kind of way
And everything is so cool and calculated

Or the dancing quite alone
Whether cool enough
Or desperate enough

No, just the delightful kind of dance
The sharing kind of dance
The one where the hands always meet
Where they’re supposed to meet
Where the dance makes the smile impossible to suppress
Not the dance to end love
Or even to begin love

No, all I wanted was just to dance
With you

And maybe I never may

– – – – – – – – – –

PS: A bit of the soundtrack that rumbled around and came out as this –

Dancing On My Own – Robyn
Voulez-Vous – ABBA
Dance Me To The End Of Love – Leonard Cohen
Let’s Face The Music And Dance – Diana Krall
(and with apologies for the title to Scissor Sisters)

Photo adapted from original by Cecilia Heinen on flickr
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2 Responses to Did Feel Like Dancing

  1. Pinkjumpers says:

    This is a very sweet poem. 🙂
    I couldn’t dance to save my life but I empathise entirely with such urges.

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