Monday Motorway Music™, July 6 – On Jazz vs Rock and Pop

2015-07-05 21.25.52

Malene Kjærgård singing with her group July 5 at Krudttønden, Copenhagen


I will admit that there is a little bit of envy at the basis of this – we made the conscious decision not to go to this year’s Roskilde Festival as we simply had too much around our ears (figuratively) with work travel, both kids finishing schools & education with all the celebrations that triggers and what have you. But the bittersweet feeling of reading really good reviews of concerts you didn’t go to…

Nevertheless – and even if there will always be exceptions to rules – I have quite often thought, when going to jazz concerts, that on a scale of technical skills (in terms of playing their instruments and singing), jazz musicians tops my scale.

Maybe that is also why I prefer smaller bands – trios, quartets and the like. Not so much sound that it becomes hard picking out the individual parts. The band above, Malene Kjærgård Group, was a prime example to support my skills theory – excellent rhythm section, very, very good singing and excellent guitar and piano. And not that I pretend being a very detailed and avid follower of the Danish jazz scene – but I really marvelled at the level of these musicians, who were all completely new to me. And of course the lady also writes her own music…

We’ll be hearing some other top of the Danish music scene stuff during the next week or so. And then, in the middle of it, one of the big headlining events that I actually look quite a lot forward to – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga. And to those who think that the pop diva contradicts my theory: check out her Sound of Music medley from the 2015 Oscars (and Julie Andrews’ comments to it). The lady can sing!

The music list from this morning, however, is something completely different (nobody ever expected… ) –

Teo Torriate – Queen
Står her endnu – Østkyst Hustlers
Waterfalls – TLC

Photo by me.
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