Monday Motorway Music™, June 29 – Got Tied Up Last Week…


No, not physically, no need to worry. But last Monday, in the morning, my youngest got one of these caps – a well-deserved proof of his high-school graduation.

These caps are very traditional here – and no, in no way military or cadet-related. It is simply a sign of graduation and is placed on the head of the student when he/she gets the marks for the last oral exam and, of course, has passed the whole exam. Placed – per tradition generally not put on by themselves. In this case, I did the honour (proudly and happily) to “even the score” as my wife had the honour on our daughter’s behalf three years back.

The caps date back to the mid-1800s and originally were only for the “academic” high school or upper secondary eduction – the one preparing for and giving access to university (graphic on the Danish School System here). In the last number of years, several other school types at the same age-level have begun using caps and the differentiating part is the colour of the band. The dark red’s still the right cap to have 😉 (a bit of friendly rivalry there…)

Lots of traditions around it – never ever put one on before having earned it as bad luck will surely follow your academic efforts and you may never graduate! Friends write their names and short messages inside it – if the messages are *ahem* frank or naughty, they may be written under the sweatband as to be a wee bit hidden.

And much, much more. But to all Danes, when the white caps fill the streets and the bars (and believe me, they do!), you know it’s the height of summer and you think back to the glory days or few weeks of wearing your own.

But as we used last Monday to celebrate our “wee” boy – well, I never got to the keyboard. To be honest, I think the prioritization was fair enough 🙂


I’m A Believer – Smash Mouth
I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
Crystal Ball – Styx
Good As It Gets – Beth Hart

Photo by me.
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