Monday Motorway Music™, June 8 – Is That What They Call Summer?


They did promise. At some point. Something like 26 or 28°C.

But look what then happened: 9° tomorrow morning. And, woohooo, up to 17… Dad is not angry, Dad is disappointed!

Nevertheless, I’ll jump on my bike tomorrow morning (and again tomorrow afternoon, I reckon). At least the wind looks manageable and after all, the weather icons are yellow and not gray. You learn to be grateful for the small scraps, too.

Had a quick bike ride this evening, too – 2 x 4 km over to my daughter and back. Mostly (*hangs head in shame*) because I forgot to stop by on my way home from work… But the 4 km, especially back with the way the hills (gentle as they are) are distributed, are really good – as it is short enough to let me drive with the cadence and the speed my brain tells me I’d like.

Not really in shape for that on the 2 x 18 km yet. With luck, I’ll get there…


Abracadabra – Steven Miller Band
All Around The World – Lisa Stansfield
All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
(oops, not really random, is it? Seems more alphabetical…)
(presses buttons)
Lost In Music – Sister Sledge
YMCA – Village People
Medley: Alpetop / Folkevogn / Lulu / Nam-Nam – Shu-bi-dua

Picture: screenshot from
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