Cobblestone Cooking Music XVIII – Duck Breast, Baked Mashed Potato & Surprising Salad (& Pinot Noir)

...and of course he had o show the salad.

…and of course he had to show the salad.

This sort of started on the 18 km bike ride on the way home from work today. Well, ok, the duck breast came out of the freezer yesterday, but with 6-7 km home and the stomach reacting to, at this point, 29-30 km on the bike today (read: HUNGGGEEERRRR!), I started fantasizing about dinner.

That’s when the baked mashed potatoes came in.

  • Abba, Rock Me
  • Phil Collins & Philip Bailey, Easy Lover

Peel and cube potatoes, boil them soft (the legend say without salt) and mash them with some butter, cream/milk and salt, pepper & a wee bit of nutmeg. Add, carefully, some whipped egg white & put it into a suitable oven-ready thingumy. Bake for half an hours time.

(shh: it’s Friday – sipping G&T goes well right here …)

  • Earth, Wind & Fire, September
  • Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees Mashup, Stayin’ Alive In The Wall

The duck breast – score the skin in a diamond pattern, add salt & pepper and throw it on the frying pan, turning it a few times until it’s done. We do Danish done – i.e. ever so slightly pink in the middle. The French do it much rarer (the duck breast … tsk!).

  • Diana Krall, I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  • Santana & Tina Turner, The Game of Love

Salad? Felt like trying something new… Take a yellow bell pepper, cut in thin slices about 1″ long or so. Green asparagus, sliced quite thin. Apple (we still have a few Belle de Boskoop from last year) – peel, decore, slice thinly. Add to a suitable bowl, mix well with a dressing of rapeseed (or similarily mild) oil, lime juice, a bit of sugar and a wee pinch of salt. Make sure to have the dressing made up and ready as soon as you’re done with the apples – so that the acid from the lime juice keeps the apple slices from going brown.

  • Chris Isaak, Wicked Game
  • Robin Williams (feat Nicole Kidman), Something Stupid

Et voila 🙂

Served with a Wild Rock Cupids Arrow Pinot Noir – as they say in Australia, a “down under” Pinot Noir goes terribly well with duck!

Happy cooking!

Photo by me.
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