Like A Poem

Tonight I felt like a poem

How is that even possible?
That was the next thing in my mind
And to tell the truth,
I had no immediate answer for that

How does ink feel on paper?
It cannot really know the emotions it carries
Can it?
And the paper…
Does it just lie back and allow itself to be used
As a bed with clean white pristine sheets
Stained and wretched afterwards
But smiling because the message came through?

A very graphical thought, that
And somewhat pleasing, to be honest
But no

More vague
More mind than body
More alone than together
More loss than intimacy

Words describing
Not emotions uniting
Words read aloud
Not spoken from sharing lips
Words telling the distance
Not fingers ignoring it

Yet, word also console me
Soothening, they are
Words have the power to make me smile
When I eventually speak them

When I say the words to you
And they come alive
Forging the chain between us
When I say the one word


Photo by Jennifer Lantigua on flickr

– – – – –

Hastily written onboard EK980 tonight on a sudden urge.

With just a little guilty nod to Jim Morrison .

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