Monday Metro Music™, April 27 – Trains and Planes Once Again


There is a bit of Soviet-time leftover in that picture from the Aeroflot app, isn’t there? 

Anyway, after having spent part of the weekend getting irritation over what I see as religious stupidity (and, mind you, I do not consider all religion or all religious people stupid – just to get that settled), it is now workday again. And with that, as things go at the moment, travel time. 

This week is the second in a row and the third in four weeks. You’ll get a repeat performance next week, making it three in a row. Or, almost, as I will be flying out already Sunday. 

Yes, it is a little it crazy. Even for me. At least I do have a decent flexibility work-hour wise when I’m back – no mandatory, punch in/punch out office credo. As long as the tasks gets done…

And at the end of this intense period, we kick back and relax with some good friends. And … … go travelling with them 😉

Ain’t No Moutain High Enough – Zindy Kuku Boogaloo 

Sheer Heart Attack – Queen 

The Grit – Hannah Pearl 

Only The Lonely – Diana Krall 

All By Myself – Céline Dion 

Half A Minute – Matt Bianco

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