Stop: Loss


My thoughts have withdrawn
As if the room they are in suddenly became smaller
They’ve become Brownian thoughts
Bumping into walls and each other
And changing direction all the time yet going nowhere

It’s like the world has become bigger
And I, smaller
The world is not itself
And where was my place in it, again?

I try to say to myself that it is all exaggerated
Yet I must confess to feeling what I feel
A cog went off the chain
Something slipped from its peg
There’s a lurking emptiness just out of sight

It’s like the knives all became dull
And noone can be bothered to sharpen them
Like the music plays from far away
And could someone please turn it up?
As if a thin cloud cover pulled across the sky
And took the edge of all the colours.

The melodrama rolls on, full speed ahead
As I know it would
While I slowly drift to a stop

And once again I agree with myself
That I am very bad at this

I hate it
When I am losing a friend.

Photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds
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