Monday Motorway Music™, March 23 – Roads and Planes and Trains


Just a short drive this morning – as I was going to catch a train to go to “the other side of the country” for a meeting with a “rather large” Danish company.

All the flying – and man, was there a lot of it – of the last few weeks went as well as that sort of thing can go. Special honorary mentions, though, to Air New Zealand as previously told.

The picture above is also from the trip – agents, 007-hopefuls and other spooks apparently have their own parking area at Melbourne Airport 😛

IMG_7083And as all that flying and sitting down is hard, I compensated – by the state of my right shoulder this morning, probably over-compensated a wee bit – and were physically very active in the early spring garden yesterday. Thus, the big tree in the garden that took the evening sunlight away from our terrace is no longer there…

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Blinded by the Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Under Your Spell – Shakatak
Weather With You – Crowded House

Photos by me.
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