Quiet Is The Wind


”Like a leaf clings to a tree
Oh my darling, cling to me”

The night seemed to cling to summer
In much the same way as the leaf of that song
Knowing, both of them, that autumn would inevitably arrive
They’d both lose their grip and their love
And let go

Walking down some quiet residential city streets
I considered whether I was like that summer night and that leaf
Meeting my autumn to your summer
Having to let you go

The night air lazily and effortlessly twirled around me
Like you did when we danced
The scent of flowers in the dark gently floated around
Like your perfume did when you walked away afterwards

This unexpected summer night
Carried sudden memories on its sweet and calm wings
And out of nowhere I felt like that leaf once again
Wanting to cling to you

If I asked a summer night and it had time for us
If I found a tree-lined street, just waiting to be walked down
If I found us some sweet lovely flower-perfumed evening air
If I met you on a corner there

Would you walk with me?

Photo by me.
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