You Took Your Blue Eyes…


You took your blue eyes and left
Left me in a world of only gray
Except for, in a cruel twist of fate, blue.

How can the colour of your eyes
Be the only colour left for me to find
How can it remain
When you left with it?

Will I find the other colours again
If follow you and once again look in your eyes
Or will I have to let the gray slowly fade away
Until the world once again shines through it?

That I don’t know
But while your blue is the only colour
In my gray world
I will revel in it
Put it on a pedestal
And let it shine for me and through me.

My Mood Indigo.

– – – – – –

Yes, you’ve guessed it – I heard this classic recently. Not with (excuse the pun) Ol’ Blue Eyes but in a more recent – and, I find, brilliant – version with Annie Lennox from her “Nostalgia” album (Spotify link)

Photo by me.
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