CFR Traveller Tips vol. IV

After a very long delay – or maybe a holding pattern – here is vol. IV of CFR Traveller Tips. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt…

This time, the topic is on travelling light – inspired by the last two trips I’ve done which have been two days / one night trips on relatively short hops within Europe: CPH-MUC-CPH and CPH-WAW-CPH.

I’ve said it before and will continue to do so: If at all possible, do not check in luggage.

I thought it merits a little more – what do I mean when I say “travelling light”? Well, both these trips were of the variant I call ultra-light. Basically, all I have with me is my regular workday bag – a much beloved Red Oxx Metro Briefcase. It’s small enough to be ultimately handy, yet big enough to contain laptop & other electronics as well as a small toiletry bag and one (partial) change of clothes.

Here are the contents for the WAW trip I came back from today (on a background of a Persian rug):



  1. iPad Air
  2. Thinkpad Laptop
  3. Toiletry bag – toothbrush & -paste, shaving gear, deodorant, aspirins, comb, nail clipper & file (and a plastic bag for those security checks where they insist that all this must be in such a bag)
  4. Pouches with iPad and iPhone chargers & lightning cables (blue) and a portable 2 tb harddrive (pink)
  5. Eagle Creek PackIt Folder 15. Holds, in this bag, 1-2 shirts or a long-sleeve light sweater + T-shirt/underwear for a day change.
  6. Logitech presentation remote, Thinkpad charger, Webcam for Lync calls, VGA adapter for iPad (those things are always in the front pockets of the bag)
  7. Small notebook (rarely used but if…) and small pouch with some USB sticks
  8. Mesh pouch with polishing cloths for glasses, lip balm, hand lotion, nice company name tag, spare in-ear headphones, small power bank
  9. The Metro briefcase – in it (not shown): a couple of pens, a mini-flashlight, business cards in case – and that’s it, I guess

Et voila.

Confession: I don’t bring sports-/running gear etc – because I don’t run, simply – but even if I did, I’d still be able to do it in carry on. I’d just go to a roller or my Red Oxx Air Boss. The latter would also be my choice for 1-2 days more on short trips (easily holds that extra clothing plus an extra pair of shoes) or if I needed to bring a suit I wasn’t going to wear en route.

Oh, and if you need to pack a bag such as the Air Boss with as few wrinkles and at the same time compact – go bundle wrapping!

Happy flying – take care out there!

Photo by me
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