Monday Motorway Music™, March 2 – Whatchamacallit?

2015-02-21 11.10.40

You made a promise, to be faithful
By all the stars up above
Now you call it madness
But I call it love
Diana Krall, “You Call It Madness”

It’s been a little like that with me and Spring, so far. Officially, yesterday marked the arrival of spring here – March 1st, now it’s spring. And Saturday was a quite nice day, with some blue skies and in the sun, you actually could believe that springtime was sneaking in.

And when I got out of bed yesterday morning? Wet snow falling, gray skies, quite windy. Meh!

Wasn’t much better this morning – there just is something not too pleasing with a Monday morning when you get the “pleasure” of driving to work in sleet-laced rain. Meh! Meh!

It often misses
…says it gives it all that it’s got.
And when it asks me if ev’rything is okay
I got my answer, the only thing I can say:
I say meh-meh;
that’s what I say: I say meh-meh.
With due apologies to Matt Bianco (“Yeh-Yeh”)

The photo is one more from the long hike last weekend – a boardwalk that strictly speaking wasn’t on our route. But we took it never the less as it looked too cool not to, even at the risk of a slightly longer walk…

Touching Me, Touching You – Alphabeat
When Tomorrow Comes (Live) – Eurythmics
Hotblooded – Roxette
Rockin’ All Over The World – Status Quo
Love Me Two Times – Joan Jett
Amerika – Rammstein
She Loves You – The Beatles
Son Of A Preacherman – Hanne Boel

Photos by me.
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