Monday Motorway Music™, February 23 – More (much more) Walking Than Driving

Skærmbillede 2015-02-22 kl. 10.56.42

After last week’s topic on wheels, this weekend was much more down to Earth – feet on the ground, if you will.

With the scouts – or, a select small group of them, anyway – I completed a 50 km hike. The weather was not truly with us with a soft but quite steady rain. Until, at least, it turned into snow the last two hours… And quite some distances in the forests were wet and muddy, making efficient walking speed somehow difficult.

But nevertheless, we prevailed 🙂

A note to nitpickers who spots that there is no 50 km marker on the map above: yes, the track stopped at 49.66 km. But the anomaly you see around 45-46 km where the markers and the track does not match up probably more than covers for that. And even if it shouldn’t, we had 450 m to walk from our home train station to the starting point where we completed the circle. So there!

Lake view en route - gray and wet, it was

Lake view en route – gray and wet, it was

We had a number of other troop scouts out hiking this weekend, too – three took a 30 km and three others, I believe, did the crazy invention “The Box”: 4 sides of a box, 5 km each – that is, 5 km normal, 5 km sideways, 5 km backwards and 5 km sideways the other way. Why, you could ask with some reason? Well … because someone had the idea and someone said “yes, we can!”

Or, as we sometimes say: “Scouting. There are so many things ordinary people do not understand!” 🙂

The Closest Thing To Crazy – Katie Melua
As Long As You Follow – Fleetwood Mac
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Come Back – Meat Loaf
All Around The World – Lisa Stansfield
Babacar – France Gall
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Nubian Fräuleins
The Second You Sleep – Saybia

Photos by me.
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