Words Are Falling

Commented on this one (see below) the other day because I like it! Today, it reminded me of an old piece of mine – took some time to dig it out as it turned out to be from April 2006… :

Words coming home

I could write
But no particular subject appear

I should write
The need is suddenly there, appearing from nowhere

Opposite of writer’s block, I should think
But just as desparate
Words tumbling around, looking for paper
Longing to be strung together
Looking for the sentences to which they belong

And not finding any

Where is it, the subject?
Lots of verbs around
Colourful adjectives
Even a pronoun!
But no subject to offer them context

They’ll flutter around for a while
The words
In vain

Then they’ll settle
Merely being part of the usual thoughts
And dreams

Not gloriuous prose, stanzas or rhyme
But at least they will find use

And use in lovers’ gentle talk
Isn’t the worst of uses either

Cari Wiese

Words are falling all around me

But yet I cannot pick out the right ones

To tell you how I feel

It’s all a blur

I can’t see through

To find out what I feel

One thanks me, for caring so much

The other curses me, for caring so little

I’m lost in what I feel

And words are still swirling by

Chaotically fast

Twirling and dancing

Calling, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Yet nothing sounds right

So many words and yet again

None of them can tell you

How I feel

One day I will find those words

The perfect way to convey

Just how I feel, to you286163

But by that time you’ll be long gone

As they always are, when the right words

Swirl by and come together

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