Monday Motorway Music™, January 26 – Battling Public Transport


Not a motorway in sight today. For family logistics optimisation reasons, I went by trains and bus today. Or … well, I did, but not easily. Morning transport should have taken 50-55 min – it took 1 hour 30 😦

Train came and left a a strange minute (strange, relative to the schedule). So I saw it from half way up the hill to the station. And had to wait 8 min for the next one.

In the meantime, the PA system informed me that due to issues with security updates to the train drivers iPads, trains were on a “special schedule” and longer travel times and maybe even cancellations were to be expected, we’re very sorry.

So I probably had just missed a previous train that was late. Didn’t feel much different from missing a regular one, that I can tell.

Two stations to the end of the line where I had to change to a bus. At the station in between we held for maybe 45 seconds to a minute longer than usual. Not that big a deal – except that I missed the bus connection by 30 seconds. Standing on the opposite side of a major road with tons of cars passing, giving me no opportunity to cross.

And … the following bus came only 6 minutes later. But then was the first in the schedule to not go all the way but terminate at a stop well before mine. So I waited there 10 minutes, too.

Oh well, first world problems I guess. I got there safe and well.

The image is actually, like last week, a bit of a mistake. Wanted to do some macro shots (the flowers from yesterday) – and halfway had the selector on the camera ticked over to the next position, Effects. Apparently enough to pick an effect – I believe the one that lets you take a photo which is black and white except for a giving colour (range). So there. Actually like it 🙂

Bitter Suite – Marillion
Highway Star – Deep Purple
Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac
Tainted Love (12 inch) – Soft Cell
Lesotho Gonzo – Allan Olsen
Rock N’ Roll Is King – ELO
Close Your Eyes – Sinne Eeg
Angie – Rolling Stones
Love Blonde – Kim Wilde
Love Me Two Times – Joan Jett

Photo by me.
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