Warning: Photo Overload Coming (or: A Teenage Dream Fulfilled)

Billede 26-12-14 21.45.49


Santa was kind and dear to bring me this sweet thing for Christmas. Oh, maybe just maybe I had a finger in it. Nevertheless, you are at a sincere risk of seeing loads of photos.

Case in point further down.

But first, one thing – which is also one of the reasons this blog is in existence. I started photography quite early – maybe around the age of twelve or so. My Father taught me the fundamentals – like he taught me the fundamentals of many other things that are good to have in life. From carpentry to treating people around you nicely.

Soon, I overtook his Yashica SLR and added a Tamron zoom for my own money. And sloshed around with liquids in a makeshift darkroom in the basement bathroom. Oh yeah, black and white only – anyone else knows the difference between grade 2 and 5 paper?

Actually made it to exhibition level through the school – I do remember being very proud seeing three framed photos on those walls and visitors coming to see them. One a winter shot of a rollercoaster at “Bakken” (amusement park north of Copenhagen), one a car wreck on a field (done on very hard, contrast-rich paper almost in pure blacks and whites) and one that was a curiosum due to some light slipping into the dark room during development. A spooky, art-ish image as a result.

That interest never really died. And I always, always dreamt of owning a Nikon. A friend had one. And the ad – I can still hear it – went: “It’s not a camera. It’s a Nikon!” Pronounce it, and you’ll get it.

Now it’s there. And I am one happy camper.

With all the best wishes that you’ve all had a Merry Christmas – or whatever you have had of downtime and family time these past days!

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