Monday Motorway Music™, November 3 – After A Very Social Weekend

2014-10-31 22.51.28

Sometimes it is sort of good to get back to work on a Monday and relax 😉

This most often is something I say after a weekend of scouting – which has a tendency to be a bit tough on the sleep patterns. This past weekend also was, but that was due to it being a weekend focused on friends and food. With just a wee bit of alcohol thrown in…

Friday we had dinner with a couple of friends and then went to a relatively new bar in Copenhagen – Taphouse. To say that they specialise in beer would be an understatement. They have 61 beers on tap with frequent changes, based on when a keg runs out, I suppose. And so they do not actually have a printed card – there are digital displays over the bar and you can jump on their wifi and get the same list on your phone as website and bar displays are both updated in real time.

We did a reasonably good job of sampling – from good to very good beers with just one bad bet in the process. You can get a tasting sample before committing but of course one of the others had to show his prowess and pick something on the name of it. We didn’t mock him. Too much…

Add to that another set of friends for dinner at home Saturday with some more good food and a couple of more than decent wines. Even as both evenings were pleasant and fun and, despite the summary, not in the least wild or silly, Sunday was a good day for doing more quiet chores.

And Monday is back to normal – rain in the morning, sunny and blue by now.

And let me finish by saying that we feel happy and lucky to have such good friends to share time and food and fun with.

Cherry Bomb – The Runaways
Links 2,3,4 – Rammstein
Heat Of The Moment – Asia
Stay The Night – Chicago
Take My Breath Away – Berlin

Photo by me.
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