Monday Motorway Music™, October 27 – And On A Monday!

2014-10-26 11.25.03


No, I’ve not been watching reruns of Flintstones over the weekend. And even if I do have B-52s’ “Meet the Flintstones” available on the car iPod – no, it didn’t play this morning.

I am merely celebrating that I seem to have been finally hitting a week where the Motorway Music post actually is back to form and published on a … Monday! (cue to the fireworks 🙂 )

To change tack – if spring is springing, what is autumn doing? Ahhh – wait, of course, fall has fallen! Sometimes, American English do come in handy. Anyway, after a September that was more summer than anything else, autumn fall has been back with a vengeance. Rain, gray skies, wind, the works. Except, actually, cold.

We did admittedly have a rather decent Sunday – there wasn’t a lot of sun, but there was some. We used the time well and produced a good 10-11 liters of apple juice from some of the billion apples (or so) that we get from our trees, mainly the Belle de Boskoop one. Yum!

And the leaves are still showing the full palette of colours from green over yellow to orange and red. It actually is a beautiful season – whether you call it fall or autumn. So if you’re on this hemisphere and in a climate zone like mine – get out there and enjoy it before the wind comes and blow it all away!

Rock and Roll Me – Melissa Etheridge
Merry Christmas Baby* – Melissa Etheridge
Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves
I Get Wild / Wild Gravity – Talking Heads
Angels At My Gate – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Eternal – Evanescence

Photo by me.
 * Yeah, I know – it’s way too early. But the iPod was set to mix all songs and it is such a brilliant blues song, so I let it play.
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