Monday Motorway Music™, September 8 – Technical Crisis Looming

3d human with big negative symbol in hands

It is not that the motorway electronic signs this morning gleefully pronounced that there was a queue 1,000 – 1,500 m ahead. At a point where we were already down to 39 km/h…

Not even that the photo that I had plans for using for this post seems to play bit-hide-and-seek and is readily available just about nowhere.

Much, much worse – the iPod cable integration in the car is failing. Horrors!! One thing is that the left channel drops out now and then – also affects the radio – but now a bump or a fresh left hand turn (not right, funnily enough – political conclusions should not be drawn, please! 😉 ) can actually stop music and send the Parrot thingumyjig into an uncontrollable start,crash,restart viscious cycle.

Must phone the garage, methinks!

Anyway, music was had today:

Touching Me, Touching You – Alphabeat
Who’s That Girl (Live, Peacetour) – Eurythmics
In The Midnight Hour – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
Dead Ringer for Love – Meat Loaf (& Cher)
Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield & Maggie Riley
Hotblooded – Roxette
Peppermin Twist – The Sweet

Photo from here (stated on page to be free stock image)
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