Monday Motorway Music™, September 1 – Officially Autumn, Apparently

Billede 25-08-14 10.47.35

I managed to claim two weeks ago that vacation was over, as verified by traffic. And judging by the calendar, in Denmark at least, today marks the beginning of autumn.

Both are actually true. But … *snigger* … my vacationing wasn’t quite over and done with – and neither was my summer. Last week we spent hiking in the mountains of Cinque Terre in Italy. 5 days there of lovely hiking – altogether some 50 km and 7,000 height meters under the belt.

Billede 28-08-14 20.33.50And a bit or two of Italian eating… The quality of the food in Italy is always nice – but to me it is especially the importance that food has in the mind that is uplifting. It is not just “stuff your head on the way to something else” but actually seen as important. As is, still – according to people we spoke to – actually sitting down together and eating. Resonates with me, surely.

And as our son got his driver license two weeks ago and had “a ton” of things to take with him to school today for a film/media project they’re doing, I was left without a car this morning. Got a lift with a local friend who works in the same neighbourhood, which at least saved me from braving public transport first morning back.

But altogether this also means that there is no fresh Motorway Music™ list for today or last Monday – no music on the trails last week, no music on the road today.

As a small compensation of sorts – the morning paper and breakfast table routine today were done to the sound of Angie Stone’s Stone Hits compilation album.

Photos by me
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