Branching out, just a little bit


2014-08-12 21.37.36-1


Artificial sun. Aka streetlight.

“The sky was Bible black in Lyon
When I met the Magdalene
She was paralysed in a streetlight
She refused to give her name”
Bitter Suite, Marillion.


The photo above – along with the Marillion quote – is actually a crosspost from my Instagram account. And having realised that over there, I seem to have the same urge to link photos and words, I realised that at least in my head, combining or (maybe more precisely) linking these two outlets makes sense. So this morning, I re-named my Instagram account so that it is now CobblestonePhoto.

Some photos will just be there, some will pop up in life only here and some kind of random selection will exist as cross-postings. We’ll see how that all works out.


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