Tuesday Bicycle Music™, July 15 – Harder Than Usual (Plus A Thought on Enjoying)

15-07-2014 09-31-41

Last week’s Roskilde Festival is still a bit on my mind – for two reasons today.

The first is that I brought a cold home from the weekend on “the field where the music grows” as I somewhat lyrically named it in one of my Facebook updates. And gee, did I feel that when I biked this morning. In parts it felt as if I didn’t have the regular use of 1/3 of my lung capacity… Reality is very likely much better than that, of course. But on some of those climbs – man, I had no air for those and just had to settle with the rhythm and speed I could handle. If you look closely on that graph, speed kicks up a bit on the latter part on some of the climbs – I did try. But results were more hark, hork, cough than anything else.

On the other hand, that let me settle for enjoying the forest even a bit more than I usually do. Took a long peek at Løgsø (a lake in the midst of the forest) as I drove past (easy -that’s downhill 😉 ) and just smiled at the scenery.

Which sort of leads me to the second of my festival points.

2014-07-06 19.32.28There were a lot of people there, obviously. But what’s been rumbling about in my mind is that at every single concert we enjoyed, there was a constant, noticeable and at times downright annoying (Statler and Waldorf … I know) flux of people coming, leaving, returning, going somewhere else.

Even at the biggest names, no matter how wonderfully and intense the concerts seemed to be – always moving, moving moving.

And I’m thinking – has it really come to a point where many, many people simply cannot any longer enjoy being a part of what they are in the middle of? Is it really necessary to constantly wonder if it’s better over there, or if it would be even better to listen to this if I first fought my way out and bought a (insert favourite tipple here), or maybe, shudder, there’s this other concert at the stage over there so I may be missing out by not being there. And of course, being there, maybe the first one was better after all?

I hope not. But there’s a thought to leave you with on a Tuesday. I know that I enjoyed my concerts. And I – after all – did enjoy this morning’s ride through the forests.

Love Me Like A Man – Bonnie Raitt
This Must Be Love – Phil Collins
I Surrender – Saybia
Sleeping On The Sidewalk – Dire Straits
Money For Nothing – Dire Straits
Purple Rain – Prince
Lily Was Here – Candy Dulfer (w/Dave Stewart)
Poker Face – Lady Gaga
I’ve Got The Music In Me – Kiki Dee
No No Never – Matt Bianco
You’re Looking At Me – Diana Krall
Stay The Night – Chicago
Funkytown – Lipps, Inc.
Hotel California (unplugged) – The Eagles

Photo by me, graph by Runmeter
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