Monday Motorway Music™, June 23 – Back Among Long Nights

2014-06-13 23.07.41

After being 2½ timezones East and a lot South of here for a week, it is nice to be back. Yes, I enjoyed the friendliness and impeccable – I’d even say fantastic – hospitality of the Iranians. Professionally and in terms of human and cultural interactions, I had a very fine trip.

But I just do feel more at home when I have forests rather than deserts around me – and when, in the height of summer, I have loooong light nights rather than quickly setting dusk and darkness. Even when it’s 12.7°C at 7 am rather than 20-something. And even if it is raising only to the low 20s, if that, rather than somewhere around 40° as was the case in Shiraz.

And tonight we’re celebrating Midsummer in Denmark. I’ve touted it before – the July 1998 National Geographic magazine has some vivid, lovely and very describing photographs of this Danish summer celebration. Look them up if you can.

23-06-2014 11-09-17The scouts I’m with are setting up the bonfire – it’ll be lit around 9pm or so and there’ll be traditional singing of the Midsummer song. The old, traditional (and a little more complicated) melody – or the new, slightly more pop-ish (but easier) one. In many communities, there will also be a speech made at the bonfire. Children will run around and play

I will actually not be at the local Midsummer festivity. But I will absolutely be at a local get-together as good friends of ours have made it a lovely and cosy tradition to gather friends and family of theirs to a cocktail party. Here’s to the Danish Midsummer – and may it be a good and dry and warm and cosy one for all of you out there!

Vertigo/Relight My Fire – Dan Hartman
Vogue – Madonna
The Bug – Dire Straits
Efter festen – Sneakers
Man Eater – Hall & Oates
Roll Over Beethoven – Electric Light Orchestra

PS: I admit to have “stolen” the Midsummer picture above (but also have duly linked to the Flickr source) – that sky is phenomenal. And just notice the timestamp: 0:43 am…!
Top photo by me, Midsummer photo (c) DMI.
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