Monday Motorway Music™, June 16 – Getting Ready for Trips

Skærmbillede 2014-06-16 kl. 12.00.38

Today has been a non-standard work day so far – in that I have spent the morning getting ready for yet another trip into the world. In about an hours time I’m off for Iran – and not only looking forward to meeting the colleagues and, I dare say, friends I have there but also to see a bit more of the country than on my previous trips.

Tehran is on the agenda, but so are Qom and Shiraz. To be honest, I had to have a look at the map to figure out where what was – and that I’m going on a pretty much North-South axis within the country.

Because the visa procedures have easened up somewhat, I am eligible for a visum on arrival – but that still means bringing passport photos. Of which I had none – so it was hitting the streets and looking for a place to get them done. And made a little more difficult as our usual photography store had shutters rolled down and a real estate agent poster saying “available for rent” in the window. But I am now equipped with no less than 6 photos – should last me for a while.

Packing is not really anything I worry about more – been there, done that, packed down the T-shirt. It took me a little less than an hour today. But then I also ironed a handful of shirts, a couple for the trip and a few extras so that there’s something to wear when I get back. Total time, actual travel packing: about 25 minutes, I reckon.

But then I keep a carry-on toiletry bag packed at all times, so it is just out of the drawer and into the bag with that. No need to unpack it when I know that it’s in all likelihood not too many weeks until I’m going to use it again.

It’ll be one more work trip – Istanbul in two weeks – before summer vacations set in and the following couple of flights will be for fun. Well, the things going on between landing and redeparture, that is – I must admit that plane trips have long ceased to amuse me as such… 😉

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Zindy Kuku Boogaloo
Please Don’t Leave Me – Pretty Maids
These Boots Are Made For Walking – Nancy Sinatra
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? – Culture Club
To France – Mike Oldfield
You’re The First, The Last, my Everything – Barry White
Secret Agent – Melissa Etheridge
Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex

PS: Happy 21 to my daughter!

Photo: Google Map of Iran.
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