Friday Bicycle Music™, May 30 – From Meh To Yeh

30-05-2014 10-09-35I’d looked forward to this morning already when I looked at the weather forecast a few days ago – sun in reasonable amount, decent temperature and little or no wind. In fact, when I did start my ride, I saw a pennant on a flagpole – it looked as if it was glued to the pole, that’s how little wind there was.

Yet, I didn’t really get into it. I was feeling a bit “meh” this morning – don’t quite know why. Yes, the forest and the sunshine playing on and through leaves is a cheering sight. But .. hm.

Then, halfway, something or other clicked. You can see the halfway point in the graph above. Right after 9 km there’s a sharp dip down in the blue speed curve – that’s a traffic light I reached just as it turned red. So, a bit of a wait (Runmeter filters out the stopped time automatically) – but even if the next kilometer or so is a steady climb, somehow I snapped out of the lethargy and felt much, much better for the rest of the way.

Sometimes it just takes doing it to do it 🙂

For the rest of the ride, I even experimented a bit on the climbs – I typically stay in the saddle pretty much all the way but have thought that I ought to do more standing on these hills. And today I did on a couple of the climbs in the forest and overall felt fine with it. Need to adjust my technique a bit and find the right gearings for it but that’s doable.

All of the above could have been said with a short sentence and a song : Started slow but came in just short of annual PR – accompanied my Matt Bianco’s Yeh Yeh.

30-05-2014 11-12-27But hey, I like words 🙂 Even at the time I played Zork I (yes, I am that old!), usually the first command I issued to the game was “verbose” so as to get location descriptions in full whenever entering. Of course, it was also due to me being unable to remember them. But the map of these games are huge – and remember, we’re talking 80×25 screen with characters only! 😉

Or, in the words of Jim Morrison, “I’ll always be a word man. Better than a bird man.”

Lily Was Here – Candy Dulfer
Killing Me Softly – Georgeanna Bonow
Kiss – Tom Joens & Art of Noise
I Saved The World Today – Eurythmics
Just Like Starting Over – John Lennon
Only The Lonely – Diana Krall
Urgent d’Attendre – France Gall
Temptation – Diana Krall
Oh Yeah – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
Halfway Up The Hindu Kush – Katie Melua
You Cannot Hide – Swan Lee
Melinda – Stan Getz
I Get Along Without You – Diana Krall
Wish You Were Here – Fleetwood Mac
Frankie’s First Affair – Sade

Images by me.
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