Monday Motorway Music™, May 12 – Recovering After A Fab Weekend


No, no – not that kind of weekend and that, derived, sort of recovery. Rather, a case of being slightly sleep deprived and mentally tired (but good-tired) after a hectic end of last business week, followed by an intense weekend spent as part of a team running a scouting training course on appreciative inquiry based leadership for troop leaders (leaders for teenage scouts). That whole thing might be worth a post of its own – suffice it to say that we believe we run a pretty high level and worthy course. And thanks in bunches to the participants who gave as much as they took and made it a pleasure.

Probably caught 2 x 5 hours of sleep – between the end of each day’s programme, once day evaluations and next day schedule walkthroughs were done, and the 7 am morning reveille. Thank Bob that was not done by a Horatio Hornblower, though 😉

But it was well worth it. The course participants were very satisfied – one of the first comments I heard on the evaluation question of “Who would you recommend this training course to?” was “Every single leader I meet!” 🙂

A day today, then, with meetings early and late. Well, at least related to the standard business day – so let’s call it early-ish and late-ish. So, for this morning drive I was faced with the choice of a quiet play list to gently awaken the slumbering spirits or a full frontal attack on synapses with a faster one…

All Revved Up And No Place To Go – Meat Loaf
Let’s Stick Together – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
Highway Star – Deep Purple
Another Brick In The Wall Part II – Pink Floyd
Mød mig i mørket – Malurt

Photo by me.
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