Monday* Motorway Music™, Tue April 22 – Pop Went The Spring!

* OK, today is technically a Tuesday – but it is the first workday of the week…

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The weather during the Easter days has been As Good As It Gets – at least around these parts. Sunshine, nice temperatures – and the buds on the trees up in the forest are popping so you’d think it must sound like the inside of a pot full of popcorn over high heat…

And now I’ve learned that Beth Hart plays the piano 🙂

Part of the vacation week was spent in Sweden with the in-law side of the family and included, among other things, a nice 7-8 km walk in Söderåsen National Park. I’ve been there several times with the scouts – twice reasonably recently and 5-7 times *mumble, mumble* years ago. The terrain there is awesome – with the ravine cutting through the whole thing but also, when you walk through it, different very varied types of terrain taking over from each other – meadow, rocky hills, pine forest, open beech forest, quiet or wild creeks… Makes for a beautiful hiking experience.

In forward looking news, I’m still on the “use up the last vacation days” scheme mentioned last week. Meaning that next Monday, I’m off – we’ll be on a long weekend in the UK. Which, with luck, at some point will give rise to some photos of spring, UKian style. See ya’…

Kun for mig – Medina
Knock On Wood – Amii Stewart
Cool Jerk – The Go-Go’s
What Is Love – Haddaway
Taxa – Sanne Salomonsen
Atomic – Blondie
U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
Rund Funk (Funkshowets går meget sent i seng mix) – Shu-Bi-Dua

Photos by me.
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