Monday Motorway Music™, April 7 – Mileage Achievements of Different Sorts

2014-04-07 09.18.37

The mirabelles sure believe it is spring 🙂 Their dazzling blurs of white are all over the place at the moment – the regular cherry blossoms and magnolias seem not to be far behind. To be completely honest with you, I just about cannot wait until the sheer greem miracle of the beech forest happens.

But – and this is probably typical Danish “oh but wait, we cannot…” reasoning – on the other hand, I am happy that it doesn’t get 25°C like “Bang!” and everything explodes in green and bloom at once. We tried that once in South-Western France in what was there and then an unusually cold spring (probably a quite fair one by Danish measures) – then, in two days, it all happened – sunshine, heat, everything in flower. And … it was just too sudden. Straight from wintery to summery. No, I am a distinct four-season guy, thank you very much.

2014-04-06 19.41.12In other news, it has been a weekend of family and birthdays. My youngest now is allowed to have alcohol served in public places and has the right to vote. Oh my! And I noticed when I got home from a regular grocery shopping run amidst all the family gathering to celebrate – that the car, maybe as a sympathy celebration – had decided to pass a milestone as well 😉


Bat Out Of Hell – Meat Loaf
Flying – Nice Little Penguins
Girls, Girls, Girls – Sailor
Girl Can Rock – Hilary Duff
Got To Get You Out Of My Life – Earth, Wind & Fire
By The Time I Get To Phoenix – Cæcilie Norby
Brighter Days – Halberg/Larsen

Photos by me.
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