Monday Motorway Music™, February 24 – A Busy Week

2014-02-24 07.02.35

Probably won’t have time to look much to the left and right this week – it’ll be hectic, so eyes firmly on the road ahead, so to say. At least, then, it was nice to have that sunrise to start a Monday morning with (especially when comparing it to a not so fun one recently).

Department event, closely following a major product launch, business manager meeting with an update to give, two meetings at the same time Tuesday (makes your head spin, doesn’t it), a full 12-hour planning day for some Scouting on Saturday. And stuff, regular stuff in droves. Oh, and I have my birthday in the middle of it, too 🙂

Short list – mostly as that Disco Inferno thing is looong (10 minutes and change). Had me bumpin’ in the seat, though!

Disco Inferno – The Trammps
Distant Dreamer – Duffy
The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
Dizzy – Siouxie and the Banshees

Image by me.
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