Monday Motorway Music™, February 17 – Blue Skies and Sunshine

2014-02-17 11.19.16

This is something of a treat. In January, we had 17 – seventeen – hours of sunshine in all of the month. Talk about cloudy and gloomy! But today, it is time for looking and smiling at the sky and basking in the glory of sunshine – before it all goes away when a new cloud cover rolls in tomorrow, or so they say.

Had a fair share of clear skies and sunshine in the US last week – very enjoyable, even if it was also brrrrr cold. Down to single digit temperatures in Fahrenheit – and it was only by not venturing outside until 9 or so in the morning that we avoided temperatures with minuses in front of them. But crisp and beautiful it was, nevertheless.

Hey’ Good Lookin’ – Backseat Boys
Rock Me Baby – Jomfru Ane Band
Strip Tease – The Walkers
All I’ve Ever Wanted – Mariah Carey
Love Letters – Diana Krall
The Way I Like It – Matt Bianco
Here I Am – Jette Torp
Shocked – Kylie Minogue
Lördagen den femtonde mars – Veronica Maggio

Image by me.
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