Monday Motorway Music™, February 10 – Stairway to Heaven (at least some of the way)

2014-02-10 18.06.51

Not much motorway driving this Monday – not without cheating with altitudes or timezones, at least. Out in the world again, so the motorway that heard the music will either have to be the flight corridor(s) on the route from CPH to IAD (that’s Copenhagen to Washington Dulles in non-sillily much-flying terms) or it will have to be a good old regular motorway of the interstate kind but shifted in time from Tuesday, regular blog time, to Monday, US time.

Technically, still a Monday posting, I will stubbornly claim 😉
(or at least, I would – until internet connections tripped me at the end of yesterday)

I actually like flying time, also a longish trip like this hop across the Atlantic. Have managed to tidy up and archive all but the last two weeks’ worth of Emails in my inbox and would have gotten the responses off, had this been a SAS flight with the WiFi that they advertise they’re rolling out. Alas, it seemed not to be.

Have seen two of the “new” BBC Sherlock episodes – and may I say (as I believe that I have done before) that they are brilliant? Caught a wee nap, too. And to top it off had a lemon risotto that was actually not too bad at all and a non-descript (in information on label terms) white wine along with it that I truly enjoyed. Enough to beg and grovel for a second bottle 🙂

And, last but not least, I read a handful of Shakespeare sonnets. Not easy reading, but man could the bard write. Enough, easily, to humble the rest of us.

Fly Me To The Moon – Bob Tostes (and no, SAS doesn’t fly that high)
Everytime We Touch – Maggie Riley
Careless Whisper (7″) – Wham!
Om lidt – Kim Larsen
Memory – Elaine Page, Sarah Brightman
Misbrugt og forladt – Linnet/Salomonsen
Blues for TJ – Larry Carlton
A Whiter Shade of Pale – Annie Lennox
Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

And, during some real motorway (well, Interstate) driving, courtesy of WCXZ Classic Rock Detroit:

Should I Stay or Should I Go – The Clash
I Love Rock’n’Roll – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Party With The Devil – Van Halen
Legs – ZZ Top
Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf

Image by me.
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