Monday Motorway Music™, February 3 – Oh Yeah, Monday

20140203-110411.jpgIsn’t she lovely? No, we have not added a second dog to the household, even though being with a puppy like this is a major “maybe we should” generator! But we visited her a few days ago and squueeeeee – I just stumbled over the photo in my camera roll. For those who likes dogs and would like to know, she’s a Toller – a Novo Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Which all has nothing to do with the start of this particular Monday, which offered no heart-melting highlights like that. Major queue on the first bit of motorway. Very foggy, which has the common trait with snow or other traffic-impeding conditions that it makes people seemingly forget all about how to drive just reasonably correctly. Why is it that both snow and fog make people instinctively cluster in the middle lane of three even more than usual? The law still stipulates that you should drive to the right. Just do it, ok?

Then, coming to the office – or, rather, already when getting out of the car, I realised that my phone was still at home. Dang! No driving back through that traffic – after all, I go against most of it driving to work. And actually, posting this is a success in spite of the lack of telephone – I’ve gone over to two-factor authentification (as should you) which does require … my phone. But lo and behold, my iPad remained checked in on Wordpad (which it probably shouldn’t).

And to finish things off, my office login had expired end of last week while I was tending a mini-influenza (nothing mini about the headaches!) at home. So I had to complete the quest, jump through the hoops, solve the riddles and challenges in order to win the fair maid…. erm, I mean, to get a new shining and workable password. That my fingers can’t figure out, now that they finally had got the muscle memory down pat for the old one.

But with all that, I hope the rest of the week can only get better. In fact, I did next get some surprisingly upbeat numbers in from my past month. So all in all, all is well.

Can’t Get My Eyes Off Of You – Gloria Gaynor
Contact High – Scissor Sisters
Candela – Buna Vista Social Club
Almost Blue – Diana Krall
Good Vibrations – Beach Boys
Where Were You When I Needed You – The Bangles

Image by me.
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