Cobblestone Cooking Music vol II – Bacon/Apple/Tomato Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Orange/Cream Sauce and Rice

I realise that the first two posts in this new series may seem a bit insensitive to those who prefer or need their food to be Kosher and Halal. This is not by design – just a mere consequence of me being Danish – pork is our national dish (5.5 mio. Danes; about 23 mio. pigs pass through the slaughterhouses here every year… ).

I’d imagine that today’s dish could quite well be made with chicken or turkey breast and turkey bacon – just adjust the amount of meats to fit. In general, if anyone wants, I’m always up for discussing how to fit a recipe to dietary needs and wants – just give a shout!

  • Mariah Carey, Without You
  • Natalie Imbruglia, Torn

Trim two pork tenderloins, cut them along the length almost through, open them and hammer them flat with the heel of your hand. Salt and pepper them.

  • Queen; All Dead, All Dead
  • Tony Bennett & k.d. lang, Dream A Little Dream Of Me

A pack of bacon slices is cut into, hmm, 1.5 cm pieces and set to roast on a pan. Meanwhile, peel and de-core two apples and dice them finely, also chop of a handful or two of small tomatoes. Once the bacon is almost done, add apples and tomato to the pan for a few minutes and sprinkle with thyme.

  • Barry White, Let The Music Play
  • April Stevens, Teach Me Tiger

Put the apple/tomato/bacon mix on the pork along the middle and roll the meat, using (whatchamacallit?) kitchen twine to bind it into a long, filled “sausage”. Yes, it can be difficult – an extra set of hands can come in nicely here. Quickly brown them on all sides on the pan where the bacon was and then set them to finish in the oven at 180-ish deg. C for 25-30 min, depending on how thick they are.

  • Otto Brandenburg, To lys på et bord
  • Un-Break My Heart, Toni Braxton

Set Basmati rice (or whatever you like) to cook. Braise sliced onion in a pot until it takes a little colour, add some stock (chicken, vegetable, whatever) and the juice from 1-2 oranges, let it simmer for a while. Add a bit of cream, salt and pepper to taste.

Get the pork rolls from the oven, remove the twine, cut and serve meat, rice and sauce. A light redwine does nicely (we had a Montepulciano, Vino Nobile) – as would an amber ale of sorts, I reckon.

  • Andrew Sisters, Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
  • Steely Dan, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number
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