Monday Motorway Music™, January 6 – Back At The Grindstone


That’s actually a rather small grindstone – made to look bigger by the magic of photography 🙂

Not only did it give me a metaphor to start off a first regular post in the new year – and, by the way, once again Happy New Year to all of you – but it also features because I actually had it in use in the weekend.

This particular sharpener is the one I use for keeping my Global knives sharp – as one thing is having good knives, another thing is keeping them good for use. And, being technical, there is sharpening and honing – if you want to have a quick idea of keeping your regular knives in good shape, Lifehacker has a good article on an easy way to use your honing steel correctly. And they also have information on how to sharpen them when honing isn’t enough any more. Confession: I cheat – and send my knives out for sharpening every two years or so.

To be honest, the music player wasn’t too sharp this morning – something apparently went oops when I synced the car iPod last night. One lesson may be not to plug it in and then watch “A Scandal in Belgravia” (Sherlock, Season 2 Episode 1) and turn everything off once that’s over before checking the sync status. But who wouldn’t forget after watching Lara Pulver as Irene Adler? After all, she could turn the head of Sherlock … maybe 😉

But some music did play, after all –

AC/DC – The Sweet
Great King Rat – Queen
Jeden Tag – Frl. Menke
Utroskabet – Hej Matematik
Do It Again – Diana Krall
Say It To Me Now – Lisa Stansfield
Yesterday Once More – Carpenters

Image by me.
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